Is online tutoring as effective as in-person tutoring?

Throughout this past year, I have been tutoring online and developed an efficient means of covering material while corresponding with students. I use Google Hangouts and Zoom to tutor students through video chat. One of my students took the July 2020 ACT test after Test Prep Tutoring Online, and she was able to improve her score to a 30. Although online tutoring is unconventional, it is a successful means of tutoring!

How does Private Tutoring differ from Test Prep Tutoring?

Private Tutoring is a one-on-one session aimed at completing homework, reviewing class material, or preparing for a test in a particular subject (Chemistry homework, upcoming Algebra test, etc.). Test-Prep Tutoring is also a one-on-one session, but instead covers material in preparation for a standardized test (ACT, AP Test, etc.).

What material do you use for ACT tutoring?

We begin with a diagnostic test to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the student. From there, we will be using The Official ACT Prep Guide 2020-2021 to focus on material that addresses the individual needs of each student. The students who typically see a larger increase in their composite score, are those that meet more than once per week!

What is your availability?

I am available Sunday – Friday from 9 am to 9pm, and I have varied availability throughout the day! I provide tutoring for 1hr, 1.5hr, and 2hr sessions.

What age of students do you tutor?

I tutor students in middle school through college.

What preventive measures are you taking for Covid-19?

Since March 2020, I have observed social distancing guidelines, and have avoided gatherings and unneccessarily leaving the house. To ensure the safety of the students and their families, I take regular temperature checks. I also can wear a mask while tutoring the student and practice social distancing within the house, depending on the preferences of the family. Safe learning is the priority.

How does group tutoring work?

Group Tutoring is offered to parents seeking tutoring services for their student and friends/relatives of the student in the same subject areas. Please reach out to me for more details!